Mooboo at Haymarket Shopping Centre, Leicester

Mooboo Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a traditional Taiwanese tea-based drink. Each cup is usually enjoyed with a “topping” or “bubble” of your choice, and these vary between classic tapioca, popping balls, jelly, pudding or red beans. Bubble teas are usually split into two categories: Milk teas and fruit teas. At Mooboo, customers have the freedom to personalize their bubble tea as requested. Bubble tea offers the unique and mind-boggling combination of chewing and drinking at the same! Every drink we make is truly ëpic”and “magic”bubble tea. Also, it is suitable for vegetarians.

Located on the ground floor by the centre lifts.

Monday to Saturday ..... 11am - 6pm

Sunday ..... 11am - 5pm

Occasionally stores may vary their trading hours, particularly in the evening so please call to check if you are making a special journey to a specific store.

Mooboo Bubble Tea